Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My World at Home

I will continue to write about our parenting journey here, but have separated out some of the other home experiences to another location: Barto's Home-World. I realize that having a home life doesn't make me less of a professional and that I can't ever truly separate out that part of me, but I wanted a spot to talk simply and pay a little more attention to my parenting-self than my analytical, more research-based self.

What This Does Not Mean
This does not mean that I will start to write in a stuffier manner, nor will I start writing without parenthetical thoughts or hyphens. I will continue to be me which includes some randomness of thought and inserting student-based examples frequently. Also, I know many more professional level bloggers recommend short postings, but I doubt I will change that style yet, at least not quickly. Just wouldn't be me :).

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