Sunday, May 13, 2007

I Love My Job

Okay, if you're sick of hearing how much I love where I work, then you probably want to skip this entry :). I have fibromyalgia and I've been fortunate that it hasn't interfered too much with me working, etc.. This week however was not fun! I was sick on Tuesday and as I forget, my naturally taut muscles became even tighter after a day in bed aching. Sooo, Friday morning when I was toweling and yawning, something got tight enough to pull, which left me with a neck that I couldn't really move much. Truthfully, I thought, ahh, it will go away . . . but just in case, I called my E.D. and told her I didn't think I'd make it the whole day. She immediately told me that she'd call a sub if I thought I needed one and I was off to finish getting ready. Over the next 30 minutes, I was glad that I had called her since by the time I got to school I was ready to throw up from the strain/pain.

So, why does this mean I love where I work? Well, the sub wasn't able to come in, but by the time I got there, my fellow staff members had rallied the wagons and had figured out a plan for them to cover my classes and not lose too much of their prep time. It was awesome! It was also one of those days when I couldn't just leave plans, because I had things I really needed to prep my students for, etc.. however mama Grace wasn't hearing any of it :). I was getting my class started and she came in asking me what I was doing. I gave them some instructions, she told me great, she could take care of that and kicked me out of my classroom (even though my ED had offered to take my 1st hour if needed)!! These are all people who work hard, have TONS of work to do and were willing to take on some of mine so I could nurse my muscles. How many people can say that they can truly rely on the people they work with? I hope you are one who can say you really enjoy going to work everyday; I know I do!

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