Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reader's Digest Support for Non-Profits

I realize that I have quoted this whole blog entry, but it's awesome!! What a great way to highlight someone you appreciate and help your favorite non-profit at the same time!

* Inspiring People

"Make it Matter" is a new initiative of the Reader’s Digest Foundation. The Foundation will give away $1 million to nonprofit organizations based on inspiring stories submitted by the public.

Every month for ten months, Reader’s Digest will choose one individual whose story of giving back serves as an inspiration to others. For each story, the Reader’s Digest Foundation will donate $100,000 to a nonprofit organization that is associated either with the story or the cause. These individuals and their stories of giving back will appear every month in the new "Make it Matter" column in Reader’s Digest and on, beginning with the April issue.

Stories can be submitted at

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Marja said...

Thanks for this. That's great. I know a very inspriring lady here. She has said up the dyspraxia support group in NZ Must dive in my pen