Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Bringing more awareness to learning disabilities:
There are many misconceptions about people with learning disabilities which can best be eased by education and/or personal experience. How easy it is for us to inwardly recoil when we hear “learning disability” and perhaps make a quick judgment about another person. How mistaken we are to assume that one with learning disabilities or even mental health problems is less of a person. The way Boyle has taken what seems to be a disability and has turned it into ability is the perfect example of the above definition of inspiration.

I really didn't know who Susan Boyle was, but I know that she has accomplished great things. That rocks!


Marja said...

Great post Understanding is so important My son has developed such a fear of failure. It is so hard to get him over that although he improved heaps.

ldtchr said...

I have to admit that when I use instructional methods I am slightly to the purist side as far as defining learning disabilities. The US uses different criteria than the UK I understand, but for someone with any type of developmental disability to reach the heights she has is admirable!!