Friday, September 16, 2011

Back in the Classroom Again

I'm Back in the Classroom, Again!

Can't help by hear that to a country melody - you know, "back in the saddle again...." and classroom even has the same number of syllable :).

Anyway, people are a complex mixture of neurons and characteristics. I have been serving at LMA as Executive Director for the past three years which took me out of the classroom pretty much and in The Admin seat. I love our school, I love what I do; I also love my family and though I don't love it, have to take care of myself. That darn fibro and awesome kids - nah, I don't really need to take over the world anyway! Why am I seeming to babble? Because I'm back - in the classroom that is. Our school and program has grown and I could take on no more. I am happily handing over the reins to a new energy. Happily, because I still get to stay on board with some of the admin stuff and being back in with the kids which means more time for my own at home too. I filled a need at the right time and the next right time is now. I'm excited for what that will bring, knowing that transition can never be all roses and rainbows, but through appropriate challenges comes learning and I LOVE learning.

That said - that's why I've been away for quite a while. My classroom duties now are Math Labs primarily which are small group remediation, skill support, concept development and/or enrichment. Naturally, I have my students thinking about their work and their learning and we are sharing some of that (to give them an authentic and valid venue). Check our Blog: The Math Laboratory :)

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