Sunday, April 29, 2007

One of my Best "Teaching Moment" Stories

Yesterday was one of my best teaching story moments. Monday, our students were getting ready to take a walk for PE and appparently were looking for flashlights. One of my students came in to my room looking for a flashlight or a “blinky thing”, which of course I don’t have. He was joking with me about how could I be a good teacher without a blinky thing and what kind of teacher was I, etc.. I truthfully was laughing, working and somewhat ignoring him at the same time. The next morning, he came in to class a little tardy and as he quietly handed me his tardy pass, he handed me a small, green oval plastic toy-like thing. He told me very quietly (with this little glint in his eye) that now I was a teacher, I have my own blinky thing! We shared a laugh and I have to admit that that was one of my favorite teaching moments. He doesn’t always remember to bring in his homework and might lose a paper within the classroom now and then, he can be impulsive and I tend to push him quite a bit in the classroom, but I know that as a teacher, I have connected with that person! A conversation that I didn’t think much about, has become one of my favorite moments in my 10 years of teaching!

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DubLiMan said...

My wife is a middle school teacher so I can relate to your comments. One of the issues I find with blogs is that they ramble all over the place without direction or anything substantive. Yours is on point and compelling.

Nice job.