Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Educational Transformation

Technology is a tool that can change teaching and learning. How is technology used in a classroom? The New York Times has an essay, At School, Technology Starts to Turn a Corner, that looks at just that this week. How are you using your computers? For internet searches and as a basic library replacement? Or as a tool to facilitate your teaching and learning?

Sir Mark says he is convinced that advances in computing, combined with improved understanding of how to tailor the technology to different students, can help transform education.

“This is the best Trojan horse for causing change in schools that I have ever seen,” he said.

Technology is the one tool that can even the school-playing field for students of all learning levels. How will you be part of the transformation?

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Marja said...

Hi I am back The last 2 weeks I have been spending hours on how to assist my dyslexic, dyspraxic kid in secondary school because he was drowning big time. A huge challenge when they become teenagers as well. We talked about accomodating and remediation and that a mix is necessary. About finding their strenght but also about them having the help of computers, software to help them like voice recognition software etc. A whole new challinging time
but they are so lucky they have the technology