Monday, February 8, 2010

Incorporating Social Networking into Literature Study

Here's my random project idea of the week!

Project for Studying Biography (or character study)at any school age level:
what would social networking for your person or character look like?

If your person was on Facebook or MySpace:

  • Who would be on his/her friends' list?
  • What might be posted on his/her wall?
  • What causes might she/he be a fan of?
  • What would their profile information look like?

You can provide a template with specific requirements or have them design their own visual (not set up a bogus account!).

For older students, you could create a Ning network for your class and within that network, students could create homepages and blogs for specific characters in a novel.

The ideas become endless and contextualized for the 21st Century learner!!! Oooh, wish I had my own class again now! :)

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