Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Graphing

As I've been streaming and listening to the local radio station with my daughters this past week, I realized that this season provides an opportunity for some authentic, differentiated graphing, probability and intentional listening practice.

To Do
Pick a song. Select a day or time period. Estimate how many times you'll hear that song (each can pick their own song even!). Then, keep track and compare.

I thought about it as we were on our way to school the other morning. My eight year old informed me that she had heard I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus "at least 12 times already" that morning. Really? I would've loved to test that probable over-generalization -but I was actually feeling like it had been over 100 times.

Have fun - while I've been typing, I've heard what must be my fifth Frosty of the day!

Other Extensions/Additions
  • Compare numbers of female artists and male artists.
  • Do you hear any you don't already know?
  • Compare hymns and "secular" songs.
  • Country artists vs. contemporary artists.
  • Songs with lyrics vs. instrumental.

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